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Chapter 7; Validation Question

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Was doing the last section of chapter 7 where you take array data from a HTML and print it back out on the screen. The script is event.php.


Larry mentioned that in the real world you would use validation to make sure that a event name has been entered into the form. I gave it a shot and this is what I have come up with:


// Filename:        event.php
// Author:          Alex Beauchamp
// Date:            7/23/11

// This script creates an array from an html form's group of checkboxes

// Error Management
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

// Create flag variable for validation
$okay = TRUE;

// Validate that event name is entered, if not print error message
if (empty($_POST['name'])) {
   print '<p class="error">Please enter a name for your event.</p>';
   $okay = FALSE;

// Validate that at least 1 day is selected
if (isset($_POST['days']) AND is_array($_POST['days'])) {
   foreach ($_POST['days'] as $day) {
       $selected[] = $day;
       $selected_days = implode(', ', $selected);
   } else {  // Print error message if no weekday is selected
       print '<p class="error">Please select at least one day for your event.</p>';
       $okay = FALSE;

// If name and day okay print event details
if ($okay) {
   print "<p>You want to add an event called <span class=\"bold\">{$_POST['name']}</span> which takes place on: <br />";
   print $selected_days;



Would this be the correct way to going about validating the inputs and then printing them if correct or warning if they are not correct?


If not is there a better way to do it?


Thank you,



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The way Larry does this is to check whether the array are empty of not. If it's not empty, that would mean an error has occurred. My thinking is that a textual description of the error is what's important. That is also how Larry does it. (No wonder I concur, right)


// Create the array. It's now empty
$errors = array();

if (isset($something)) {
  // it does exist
} else {
  // it does NOT exist
  $errors[] = "variable Something is empty";

// Check array and foreach it to get possible errors
if (empty($errors) {
  // Errors array are empty. Rock on with anything...
} else {
  foreach ($errors as $error_message) {
 	echo $message;
 	// looks like someone fucked up

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