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Welcome to the new Larry Ullman's support forums! The previous forums, which have been around since maybe 2001 or 2002, was lacking some features and just had a lot of bloat and issues by this time. So I decided to make a bold step and replace the forums entirely. As with the previous forums, only registered members may post (registration is free), but anyone can read anything. Because this is a new, separate system, you will need to re-register to use these forums (my apologies for the inconvenience). The new forum software has some nice features that hopefully will make the hassle worth while (actually, this forum software goes the other way, perhaps offering too much). If you have an outstanding issue, please repost it in these forums (again, apologies for the hassle). The old forum will remain online for quite some time, I expect, but in read-only mode.


If you have any problems, questions, feedback, suggestions, or whatever, regarding these new forums, please post a message in the Forum Issues forum. Thanks!

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