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Finished The Book...

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I reread this entire edition even though I own and read the 3rd edition.


I really enjoyed the last two chapters, especially the quotes tutorial is very well done with lots of techniques that can be used for many other types of applications. I'm going to use this tutorial to build a nice sidebar or area that displays random items. Most boring chapter? The files chapter. If you're just going to suggest using a database, I don't see much reason to learn about file pointers and such. Maybe I shouldn't... understanding that material might fill some holes. :)


I don't know how this edition could be better, besides using the mysqli extension instead of mysql (not that it really matters), and adding back the regular expressions chapter (with the new form of regular expressions) instead of just dropping it. Another 30-40 pages wouldn't have hurt.


I'm also looking forward to reading the next edition of your PHP & MySQL book. Hopefully that update is just as good, but thanks to your books I'm starting to need more advanced material. How about an update to your Advanced PHP book?

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Hey Lou,


Thanks for the feedback and for all the nice words. Very much appreciated. Glad you liked this new edition. A couple of thoughts for you...it is sometimes necessary to use files, so that's important to discuss, I believe. The next edition will probably use the MySQLi extension. I've been holding off for those slow adopters.


I start the new edition of the PHP Advanced book in 2012!


Thanks again!

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