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Ch18, Login.Php... Alternative(S) To Cookies?

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Hi, Larry, and forum users.


I suspect that the message:

Your browser must allow cookies in order to log in



... would turn away a significant number of visitors, if for no other reason than the fact that a lot of people think (rightly or wrongly) that cookies are inherently malicious.


How would I modify login.php so that cookies are not required?


Thanks in advance.




p.s. a sincere thank you, Larry, for the fantastic books you write. I've learned - and continue to learn - so much from them.

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Thanks for the nice words on the books. It is appreciated. I would counter that I doubt a statement like that would turn away many people at all. For starters, in my experience, not many users actually read and pay attention to things like this. Second, the people that do read it that are under the misunderstanding that cookies are dangerous probably don't know how to disable cookies in their browsers anyway. That's my thinking on the subject.


Thanks again for the nice words!

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