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As I always like to do, when I find things that are useful (I think), I drop them into the forum. My latest find is the IE developer tools, which you access using F12. You can then render the current web page in different versions from IE 7 upwards. I thought this was really useful for IE as it totally sucks as a browser and i've never heard of it till now. Maybe some of you guys may also find it useful.

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I normally deny that IE exists for as long as possible! ;) Actually, since most of my work is server-side, I don't actively test on IE during development, as it's not a productive use of my time. I assume the person that did the graphic design tested the HTML using IE. So I really just test on IE as one of the very last steps. I use IE on Windows 7 running through virtualization software on my Mac. I use IE's developer tools to check compatibility, too. To test just the HTML layout, I'll use something like BrowserShots. To test the JavaScript on multiple versions of browsers, I'll use online VM services that give me access to all the browsers I want to test.


The nice thing is, whether it's HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, once you've been doing this a while, you know in advance what works and what doesn't (across all browsers), so the testing is just making sure you didn't overlook something or get careless.

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With IE8/9, most problems should really be gone. The issue now is more related to eye-candy than to the actual layout. My tip is to develop the grid/layout first, then specify eye-candy later on. I've almost stopped testing my web pages in different browsers. I only do that at the end of development.


Regarding IE6/7 **** that ****. Help the internett to get rid of those browsers by not supporting them. I've acctually blocked my website for IE6 as I just hate the d**n thing.


This is getting a bit emotional, but I came from a webdesign and xhtml, css background before I learned PHP. I've struggled with IE6/7 for to many hours not to hate it... :P

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