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Chapters 22 and 23 of “The Yii Book” are example chapters, in which I don’t cover new material but rather put together previous material in a more complete context. These example chapters have been popular in my other books, so I thought I’d include two in this book. The specific examples I came up with are:

A blog/CMS example
An e-commerce site
The blog (Chapter 22) is a more complete version of what was commonly used as an example throughout the entire book. For the e-commerce example, I came up with the idea of selling books (imagine that!).

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The second example site developed in my “Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL” book is now online. You can view it at This is a fully functioning site, at least in terms of what you learn how to do in the book. It is hooked up to a payment gateway (, in test mode. Test credit card numbers are listed for you to use. The code for the site can be downloaded from the book’s corresponding Web site. I’m going to figure out a reasonable way to make the administrative side of the site usable, too.