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An article, titled “Social Media Authentication and Authorization Using PHP“, which I recently wrote for Peachpit Press has been posted online. In the article, I explain how to use the HybridAuth library to perform authentication and authorization against common social media sites. I specifically demonstrate the code for interacting with Twitter, but the library works for other sites too.

This is the fourth article I wrote in support of my “PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming” book.

Peachpit Press, the publisher of my book “[intlink id=”1579″ type=”page”]Effortless Flex 4 Development[/intlink]” (technically, Peachpit’s sister company New Riders is the publisher), has posted excerpts from the book available for reading—for free—online. As of today, you can read on the following subjects:

You can see all the articles and blog posts that I’ve written for Peachpit Press by viewing my writer’s page there.