Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design Off To the Printer!

February 6, 2012

I am very happy to say that last week my latest book, Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design, went off to the printer. It’s still slated for a late February release (in the US). Because of the increased page count (624 pages), the price of the book was raised $5.00. However, it seems that Amazon only raised its price like 50 cents. Amazon is currently selling it at $31 (US) and you can buy it using the link below (note: I’ll get an extra dollar or so if you use the Amazon link).

For the first time ever, I plan on selling copies of select books myself. The books will, of course, be signed (inscribed however you want). For the Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design book, I believe I will be able to offer it at $35 $40 (US), plus shipping. This is slightly more than the Amazon price, but I have more overhead (well, different overhead) and fewer employees than Amazon! Plus, Amazon has that whole “economies of scale” thing working for it. I’ll confirm the price and get the e-commerce system setup in the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

ADDITION: Presumably, the book will be available internationally in time, starting with English-language countries such as Canada, the UK, and Australia, followed by translations in other European countries and Asia (that’s my educated guess, based upon how things have gone in the past). Buying the book directly from me will be the fastest way for international recipients to get a copy, by far. I’ll need to receive my copies of the book before I can estimate the shipping costs.

UPDATE: I just heard back from my contact at the publisher and it will cost me more than I had thought to purchase the book for resale. In order to cover my costs, I’ll need to charge $40 (US) plus shipping. Admittedly, this is almost $10 more than Amazon, but the $40 covers the cost of: the book itself, getting the book shipped to me, and packing materials. I think shipping within the United States via media rate will be around $4.