Follow Me on Twitter! (I’m a Maverick)

March 5, 2012

Sometimes it’s tough being such a pioneer, but, yes, I am now officially on Twitter. Only about 500 million people and organizations beat me to the punch.

I’ve obviously been aware of Twitter for years now, but have avoided all forms of “social media”, despite the fact that many readers, and even my publisher, have kept suggesting that I create an account. Well, I finally accepted that “I don’t wanna” isn’t really a good reason for not having a Twitter account. And, I reminded myself that I could use Twitter the way I want, that it doesn’t have to be a stereotypical (and inane) series of “I am eating a sandwich.” tweets.

So I’m now officially @LarryUllman (clever handle, no?), although I have yet to actually tweet. Surprisingly, in the couple of weeks since I created an account, I’ve found myself to be quite popular with attractive young women and various service providers. They must all really be interested in what I have to say! If you’re interested, you can now follow me on Twitter:

And there was much rejoicing.