“Learning JavaScript Design Patterns”

March 2, 2012

Some time ago I came across an excellent resource titled “Essential JavaScript Design Patterns“, written by Addy Osmani. Mr. Osami is a JavaScript developer for AOL, a member of the jQuery core team, among other roles, and is a strong writer. “Learning JavaScript Design Patterns” is a book-length document, available for free online. In it, Mr. Osami:

  • Introduces the concept of design patterns
  • Covers the fundamental design patterns (e.g., Singleton, Module, Prototype, Factory, Mixin)
  • Shows the implementations of the most common design patterns in both JavaScript and jQuery

I think the ideas and the details are well explained, although the subject matter itself does put it beyond the average JavaScript beginner. But if you’re solid with your JavaScript skills and are looking into design patterns, it’s well worth your time. In fact, I would say that if you’re interested  in the subject of design patterns, regardless of the language in use, the introduction that Mr. Osami provides to the subject is a must read.