Great JavaScript Resources by Addy Osmani

April 6, 2012

In the beginning of March, I blogged about an excellent resource titled “Essential JavaScript Design Patterns“, written by Addy Osmani. Mr. Osami is a JavaScript developer for AOL, a member of the jQuery core team, among other roles, and is an excellent writer. “Essential JavaScript Design Patterns” is a book-length document, available for free online, that does a great job of explaining not just design patterns in JavaScript, but also the concept of design patterns in general.

If you liked that resource, Mr. Osmani has several others you may appreciate, beginning with Patterns for Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture. The topic itself may be too specific for many developers, and I do disagree with his definition of what a large-scale JavaScript application is (Osami’s definition is non-quantifiable, and therefore a vague non-defintion), but the writing and suggestions are strong and concrete. The article begins with discussions of design theory, and then goes into the implementations of specific patterns that would be used in the underlying architecture. Each section also includes links to other good resources. There’s a corresponding presentation you can read, if you’d prefer just the bullet points.

Towards that end, you may want to check out Mr. Osmani’s other speeches, which primarily focus on performance issues, scaling JavaScript, and jQuery.