Introduction to Mobile Web Development Slides

July 9, 2012

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of doing two days of training on JavaScript, jQuery, and Mobile Web Development for a group of about 20 community college instructors. For the JavaScript and jQuery parts, I used presentations created as ancillary materials for my “Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design” book. Because those ancillary materials are owned by the publisher (who will freely give then to instructors), I cannot post those parts of the presentation online. Here, however, are the slides for the “Introduction to Mobile Web Development” part of the training.

The presentation introduces the core concepts when it comes to mobile Web design, and then discusses jQuery Mobile in particular. Most of the information comes from various online resources, and whatever else I’ve figured out along the way. The one book I have read that discusses mobile Web design is O’Reilly’s Head First Mobile Web. I absolutely detest the Head First series, but found that book to be a decent introduction to the topic.