“How to Become a Web Developer” Unedited Video

December 17, 2012

Ernie and Matt over at Boston PHP have already managed to post the unedited video from my “How to Become a Web Developer” presentation given on December 12, 2012. You can find it on Vimeo. I’ve not looked at it myself yet (and am not planning on it), but Matt said that my part begins at about the 3 minute mark. In a couple of weeks, perhaps after the holidays, the edited video will be posted, which will be a combination of the video and the slides together. My sincerest thanks to Matt and everyone at Boston PHP for hosting me, and to Ernie for handling the video.

Also, I had promised (in the presentation) and do promise (in the video) a page of resources to go with the material. I’m working on that now, but it’s a bit more work than I expected, so let’s plan on that going live on my Web site on Wednesday, December 19th. Thanks!