“C++ Programing: Visual QuickStart Guide” Reviews and Comments

You can find formal reviews of this book at Amazon.com, by searching online. or through any other site that sells my books. But here are some comments I’ve directly received regarding this book:

I just finished reading your book on c++ and want to thank you for writing such a great book. I had no prior
knowledge of c or c++ but now i feel really confident of writing a c++ program by myself.

I’m just finished reading (and hand-coding, of course, from start to finish!) your wonderful book about C++ programming…and it’s been a wonderful beginning with this language: straight to the point and line-by-line detailed explanations, every possible doubt immediately anticipated and answered by your discussion. This is teaching, by the way: predicting doubts, when topics get complex and are to arise more doubts than previous simpler material did.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and, of course, for what I’ve learnt,

Lapo L. (Rome, Italy)