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  1. Dear Larry and friends, Hi there! I hope everyone is well. Please kindly note that I just downloaded XAMPP so that I can work on a video tutorial plus revisit Larry's PHP book series, and I've come across the information that XAMPP won't work due to a blocked port. The Skype function that is blocking the port is invaluable to me as I podcast, so I'm not sure how to change the port for the XAMPP. Please, some kind soul, let me know how to change the port that XAMPP is associated with or find some other solution for getting XAMPP to work. I don't want to mess around with the Skype occ
  2. Hi HartleySans! I hear you! I really needed to learn the ropes of submitting on a forum as this is really my first venture out into the area. Thanks so much for the advice! I implemented the code, and it worked like a charm! Thank you so very much. Truthfully, I'm not sure if I would have stumbled on such an elegant solution if I had just searched the Web for solutions, but I guess banging my head against the wall for weeks on end is a good growth opportunity for me! : ) Thank you so very much for the excellent advice and God bless!
  3. That is the most awesome answer I could have hoped for! Wow! Thanks so much, HartleySans! You are the MAST-AH!! (Larry, too, of course!) Whew!! One quick question from a very amateurish starting point, if I use returnVals.push(regularExpressionMatchFunction("firstName", /^[A-Za-z'\.]+\s*[A-Za-z'\.\s]*$/, "The name must include alphabetical letters \(and can include apostrophes, periods, and spaces\)")); will regularExpressionMatchFunction automatically execute? Thanks for the tip on getting my code to work well in the forum, too, my friend! God bless you!! You saved me ho
  4. Thanks, HartleySans! Your help is always appreciated! I cleaned up my code more, and here is the next attempt! I am wondering how I can get the return false in the third layer of embedded functions to reach the first to prevent the default behavior of onsubmit for the form. I highlighted the return false and the original calling function both in bold. Thanks so much in advance for any and all help! function regularExpressionMatchFunction(id, regularExpressionMatch, errorMessageText) { //declare variables used in field check. alert("At beginning of fun
  5. Hello, everyone! Please kindly note that I have an event call for form onsubmit. However, the return false to prevent default behavior of the form submission is embedded two functions below, and I'm not sure if it will reach the theform.onsubmit function call. Please help. Here is the original form onsubit function call: var theform = document.getElementById('registerForm'); theform.onsubmit = validateFormOnSubmit; It then goes to a function that checks each field like this, function validateFormOnSubmit() { // FIRSTNAME field validation with the errorM
  6. Thanks, HartleySan! I apologize for my novice programming skills, but it is definitely a relief to know that I don't need to work on this particular function any longer. It appears that placeholder text set in HTML5 doesn't have any bearings on either the default value or the value, which is good for a newby like me to know, for sure! Thanks very much again!
  7. Dear friends (and the ultimate forum friends, Hartley Sans and, of course, the invincible Larry Ullman)! I was wondering why my elem.defaultValue code was pulling up a null value, I believe. I thought the elem.defaultValue would pull up the placeholder text for the HTML5 field. Is this not how it works? Here is my code for the placeholder text: <input type="email" name="email" id="email" placeholder="e.g. someone@server.com" required="required"> And here is my code for the defaultValue function HTML5FieldCheck(id2, regExpToPassOn, errorMessage2) { alert("We are
  8. Hello all (and hopefully Hartley Sans, my dear online friend, too)! Please kindly note that I want to do an automatic PHP (I believe 301) redirect to an amazon site as an affiliate. Is it still possible to use meta description in a page that automatically gets redirected to Amazon. I've never actually uploaded a PHP page. Would I just make a folder with the PHP file in it with the redirect and attach it to the HTML page that gets redirected? Do I have to do anything special at the server end? Also, what would be the code for a simple 301 redirect in PHP? Also, should I use a J
  9. Dear Hartley Sans, You are certainly all heart, Hartley Sans, and very, very much appreciated! Between you and Larry Ullman, I think I stand a chance of becoming a serious Web coder one day! Thanks so much, and bless your souls!
  10. Hello there! Please kindly note that I've been staring down this code for days now, and I can't seem to get why the regular expression test method doesn't work (and why Firebug says "it is not a function" when my code skips over everything that deals with the results of the test method). I am trying to create a utility function for form validation that passes in an id and a regular expression. Here is my calling code: regularExpressionMatchFunction("firstName", "/^[A-Za-z'\.]+\s*[A-Za-z'\.\s]*$/"); Here is the code with the erroneous component in bold: function regularExp
  11. Thanks, HartleySan! Your feedback is always appreciated very much!
  12. It also says, "window" is undefined where I have window.onload = init
  13. Thank you so very much for responding, Hartley San! You give such awesome feedback, as I've been privileged to experience. Here is what the error messages said that I could retrieve File not found There are no scripts, but the page is still loading Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors. Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted. Here is the name of my file: <script type="text/javascript" src="js/formValidationRegister.js"></script> My file is located in a folder js that is in the top folder. The HTML is in the top folder as w
  14. Thank you so very much for the excellent posts! Please kindly note that I'm trying the above method, but I can't get my alerts to show up in the following code during the onsubmit process! Here is my code (although I think I may have used and declared too many unnecessary variables): function validateFormOnSubmit() { var firstName; var firstNameValue var regExFirstName var finalRegExpressBooleanFirstName firstName = document.getElementById("firstName"); firstNameValue = firstName.value; regExFirstName = /^[A-Za-z'\.]+\s*[A-Za-z'\.]*$/; finalRegExpres
  15. Hello friends. I just started a course in which I need to use libraries for creating a Javascript driven library (with no PHP). I am wondering what applications or features are being coded as examples in this book? (For instance, Larry previously had a stock ticker, which I am needing for a financial site I'm building.) Please kindly advise as to what features are in the book so far (and please forgive me for calling them "features". . . I don't know what the functionalities are technically referred to as). It would be a great heads up to know what I might be able to build with the
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