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  1. Larry, Antonio, thanks for the reply. I am learning and doing OO PHP now and probably will have more questions later
  2. Larry, I am reading CH4 the second time, and have a couple of questions: 1. I noticed that in Ch4 when introducing constructors, __autoload, and the like, you wrote 'note that functions in PHP beginning with two underscores are special ones'. Why not just use the term 'magic methods' for those special ones? 2. When introducing $this, it states 'you must use an alternative syntax to access the class’s attributes.' Will it be better to indicate that PHP requires an explicit $this to be used when we access class members in the class? Because many OO languages like C++, C# or Jave do not enfo
  3. Larry, thanks for the sharing! You mentioned when you was learning these technologies, you worked very hard, learned, practiced, and repeated until you got it right --- At that time how many hours on average did you spend on learning & practicing each day? I have a friend who is also a great programmer(Java), and he says when he was learning Java, he did coding 10-12 hours a day, non-stop except meal breaks. When I started to learn HTML and PHP, I could just focus on the topic for like 2 hours at most, then I took a break or changed a subject. After observing people who are really good at
  4. Thanks Larry. Surprised to know that you have not been in the job market. If you don't mind, could you share how did you gain those project experience and great programming skills? By doing freelance projects? Currently I am reading your book to learn PHP and JS, and at the same time do my small projects so I can use what I have learned in your book. After months of trying and experiencing, I found that strategy suits me well, because it's a balance between reading books and doing projects. If I just do projects and not read books, then what I can do is quite limited; if I just read books
  5. Thanks, then I can save the exam fee which can buy several great books! Larry's books are on the top of my shopping list.
  6. Currently Zend updated its PHP certification to PHP 5.5, I am thinking whether it's worthy to prepare for the exam and take it. The exam is not cheap, and many people say all kinds of certifications by those companies are just their way to make money, well, in a sense, I agree. If I take the Zend exam: Pros??(I'm not sure...) I browsed the exam guide, seems a lot of stuff is covered. I plan to apply for some PHP developer jobs (in two months maybe) after I gain more experience (by doing some small web apps using what I have learned and plan to learn: procedural PHP --> OO PHP -->
  7. I use NetBeans. Just found out Netbeans 8.0 beta has come out. It's very easy to debug PHP in Netbeans, while debugging in Eclipse is too slow(maybe the same in Zend Studio which is based on Eclipse). Another nice IDE is Visual Studio 2012, though I don't use it often at the moment. It has a PHP plugin but is not free to use.
  8. Larry, Thanks for the reply! I will address the two points one by one. Yes, I forgot to do it. Now in view_users.php, delete_users.php and edit.users.php, at the beginning of the script, I added in this code block: <?php # Script 10.5 - view_users.php, modified for Ch18 # Ch18 - PURSUE - Create view_users.php and edit_user.php scripts for site administration. Restrict access to these scripts to administrators (those users whose access level is 1). // This script retrieves all the records from the users table. // This new version allows the results to be sorted in different w
  9. lupiya, maybe you should debug the program, I am sure you will find the root cause.
  10. I am in the midst of replacing Ch18 scripts from using mysqli to PDO, but I got a problem here: login.php if ($e && $p) { // If email and password are validated. // Prepare the first query on users table: (using Prepared Statements) $q = "SELECT user_id, first_name, DATE_FORMAT(last_login_time, '%a, %b %e at %l:%i%p') as f_last_login_time, last_login_time FROM users WHERE (email=:e AND pass=SHA1(: p)) AND active IS NULL"; //$r = mysqli_query($dbc, $q) or trigger_error("Query: $q\n<br />MySQL Error: " . mysqli_error($dbc));
  11. Larry and all, Please you take a look at my solutions and my questions. This is the last pursue question of Chapter 18 - 'administrator pages'. Other pursue questions were posted in my last post. This exercise is great - it put what is taught in Chapter 9 & 10 into Chapter 18 example(which is the best example in the book coz it is the closest to a real-world web app) Ch18 - PURSUE - Create view_users.php and edit_user.php scripts for site administration. Restrict access to these scripts to administrators (those users whose access level is 1). These 3 scripts here are modified
  12. ionezation, Good luck. Live long and prosper.
  13. ionezation, I heard people say Javascript / Jquery the missing manual is mainly for designers. For web programmers, Larry's JS book is great, and you can also take a look at Professional JavaScript for Web Developers
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