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  1. Thanks Brent. I had a mental block/was overtired but I meant 'accessControl filter setting in the controller' and accessRules method in the base Controller. As more of a newbie than you are, I found your code difficult to follow. (I wondered if it is for Yii 2, as the thread title is Rbac in Yii 1.1?) I am wanting to use RBAC with code like if(!Yii::app()->user->checkAccess('task', etc)) { //Where task is an item in RBAC hierarchy throw exception... } ...do task...
  2. Hello - I have a question on RBAC too. I am learning Yii and really began to make progress when I recently discovered and bought the Yii book. It is the best technical training manual I have used! As I learn, I am porting an application I wrote into Yii and I have a mental block understanding the relationship between the accessControl filter setting in the model and accessRules in the Controller on the one hand, and the RBAC system on the other. I need to get this clear as I am trying to debug my RBAC implementation. On the one hand it looks as if RBAC should do the job of access control with
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