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  1. Hello All, I have a buildup underway of an app I've posted here in the forums before. The functionality to be duplicated is made with Flex and can be seen here, www.unlockspanish.com The build is available here, My question is, if a user types a word in the dictionary (left side of adjacent input field in upper right corner) there is a prompt to install a plugin. I'm surprised that a plugin isn't already installed on most browsers to do a very common task (play an mp3 file which is the pronunciation of the word). Additionally this plugin is Apple Quicktime. One further complication is that I was unable to install this plugin on either of my systems. I'm wondering if there is an approach to this situation which would not require a plugin install, as of course, many people are adverse to installing anything on their computers. It seems there should be a way for this to work without any user adjustments to their systems. All input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Larry, Would you advise me on how to proceed with a project. I am wondering what tools you would recommend to 're-do' the capablilites created here with Flex. www.unlockspanish.com Would Edge w/ javascript be a good alternative, or something else. I'm wondering also if you think Apache has breathed new life into Flex with it's 4.9 release. Thanks in Advance.
  3. Hi Larry, Great fan of you books! I've recently gone over Chapter 11 and I had a question regarding passing data from JSON to PHP using the code provided in the book for test.js (434-436). I've modified the script to use JSON and that works beautifully. I'd like to know if there is a clean JS solution to pass data to PHP without relying on jQuery.ajax({ data })? I've looked everywhere for a solution but the solution seems easily resolved with jQuery, but I'd like to avoid that if possible. Here is the code I've used as dictated in the book: window.onload = function() { 'use strict'; var ajax = getXMLHttpRequestObject(); ajax.onreadystatechange = function() { if ( ajax.readyState == 4 ) { if ( (ajax.status >= 200 && ajax.status < 300) || (ajax.status == 304) ) { var data = JSON.parse(ajax.responseText); var file = ''; file += 'Original: ' + data['org'].file + '<br>'; file += 'Processed: ' + data['pre'].file + '<br>'; document.getElementById('output').innerHTML = file; } else { document.getElementById('output').innerHTML = 'Error: ' + ajax.statusText; } } }; document.getElementById('btn').onclick = function() { ajax.open('POST', 'resources/test.json', true); ajax.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json'); ajax.send(null); }; }; I would like to be able to echo out the data['org'].file and data['pre'].file in PHP after the request is made. Any guidance or suggesting would be appreciated.
  4. Per instructions and examples in the book, I am using javascript to initiate use of mysql within a php file to populate the data in a grid within my original javascript file. Everything works fine! However, sometimes, it takes a few seconds for the php file to complete running. I am finding that I need to disable the grid until the php file has completed. I know how to disable the grid using jquery $.blockUI(); and re-enable the grid using $.unblockUI(); using javascript commands in my javascript file. But I cannot figure out how to delay the $.unblockUI(); until the php file has completed. How can I do that? Thank you.
  5. var obj { var name: 'some value', mtd: function () { alert(name); } } obj.mtd(); The mtd function defined in obj has no defined parameters, but when called the this reference and argument list are passed to the function. Is the name property of obj also present in the mtd function so it can be used in the alert() call as above, or does the mtd function have nothing to do with the property named name? if lerry ullman answer my question than it would be so great
  6. I've been trying to get this for a while (includes jQuery) and somehow nothing seems to work. The image gallery works fine but won't display title. $(document).ready(function() { var pics=[]; for (var x=0; x<preLoadPics.lenght;x++) { pics[x]=new Image(); pics[x].src=preLoadPics[x]; } var newPix=new Image(); newPix.src=preLoadPics[0]; $('#thumbPix a').click(function(evt){ evt.preventDefault(); var pixFile=$(this).attr('src'); var pixLink=$(this).attr('href'); var pixTitle=$(this).attr('title'); var oldPix=$('#pix img'); var newPix=$('<img src="'+pixLink+'">'); if(pixLink==oldPix.attr('src')){ return; }else{ $('.selected').removeClass('selected'); //add highlight to this thumbnail $(this).addClass('selected'); //make new image invisible newPix.show(); //add to the #pix div $('#pix').prepend(newPix); newPix.show(); //fade out old image and remove from DOM oldPix.fadeOut(0,function(){ $(this).remove(); }); //fade in new image newPix.fadeIn(0); oldPix.remove(pixFile,'^Lg+\w\.'); } }); //end click $('#thumbPix a:eq(0)').click(); }); //end ready </script> this is body section <div id="thumbPix"> <li><a href="LgPicture.jpg" id="pix"title="Picture"> <img src= "smallPicture.jpg" border="2" bordercolor="#cccc99"/>Picture<br /></a></li> One option that doesn't break it completely is adding pixTitle to the .prepend in the Javascript code. I got it to display title, but then it just builds the titles instead of replacing it. $('#pix').prepend(newPix,pixTitle); newPix.show(); any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi. I was just wondering how facebook does it's continious updates on the wall if you know what I mean, I take it after a certain amount of time it calls a scripts which then gets the latest round of updates. So what technologies would be used here ? and also how would you stop it from repeating it's-self(i.e. calling the same data from before) ? Also does anyone know of any examples of this ? Regards
  8. Hello, I am trying to implement this code into a php script. By itself on a separate page it works fine but wihint a php page I keep getting syntax errors. Thanks, Marie <textarea name="description" id="description" rows="5" cols="40" value="sdf" onkeyup="getCharCount(50)" /> </textarea> <div id="charCount"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> function getCharCount(limit) { var tArea = document.getElementById("description"), countDisplay = document.getElementById("charCount"); countRemains = limit - tArea.value.length countDisplay.innerHTML = "Total characters : " + tArea.value.length + " Remaining: " + countRemains; if (countRemains < 1) alert('Thats all folks'); } </script>
  9. I need to create a modal dialog plugin that enables visitors to opt in to allow cookies. If the user opts out then he can't access the part of the site that uses cookies. If the user opts in, on subsequent visits the opt in box is not displayed. If cookies are not used then the opt in box is not displayed. I think(?) I can do most of this but do not know how to detect if a site uses cookies. I was thinking that I may have to create a front end to allow the website owner to define what cookies the site uses. but is it possible to dynamically detect if a site uses cookies and how would you do so? Also if you have any suggestions re creating this plugin, please post them. Thanks.
  10. Hey, everyone. Currently working on a project that requires a lot of Javascript. This includes Ajax requests, some event listeners, Google maps integration, a Wysiwyg-editor and probable some more. I'm currently working with JQuery as I'm not much of a Javascript developer. I will group the code by usage, show an example and tell you if I experience weird behavior. 1. Drop-down search functionality (SOLVED) 2. Multiple file uploads as attachments Intro: The system is based around offers. These offers should allow attachments and possibly a main image. (Think like Wordpress' main article image) Problems/questions/etc: 1) I want the uploading to be done with Ajax. I found a good script that handles this. The problem is that the attachments must be tied to the ID of an offer. This ID, however, does not exists before an offer is published or saved as a draft. How can I tie these two together? 2) As users must be logged in, I create a folder for the user if one does not already exists. This folder is named by the User-ID. This is done because I remember reading about a problem occuring when too many files are lookated in the same folder. Is this neccasary or good, or would you recommend something else? Table structures and data flow: (Only the key structure) Offers ( offer_id, status, user_id* ..... ) Offers_attachments ( offer_id, path, extention.... ) Users ( user_id, ...info... ) Upload script used: (Not that it really matters) valums file-uploader Help me pick a solution: 1.) A two-step process. The users fill out vital information first, click next, (and the article is saved) then add attachments and save with a status. 2.) An empty offer is inserted to the DB when a user clicks "Add new offer". We now have an offer ID to tie attachments to. A daily cron job deletes offers/attachments that were never "Saved" by clicking "Save the offer" by the user. 3.) Attachments are tied to the user instead. The users can then add uploaded attachments found in the database related to their user.
  11. how to include js file in controller ie. some thing like this public function actionIndex() { //load js file here $this->render('index'); } requirement is to load js file in a new page
  12. Just wanted to recommend a website called CodeCademy.com. They offer free courses in Javascript, html, css, Ruby and several other languages and courses. It works kind of like a lot of those new apps you find on your phone. You get a task, you provide an answer, that answer is validated, and you can move along to a new course once finished. People learn differently, but I diffidently need to write code alongside learning. For those new to JS, I would definitly recommend reading Larry's book along with these tasks. You'll find out you learn a lot fast and in a fun way. Some of the tasks involve several revision of a black jack game, a cash register and other fun tasks. You also get trophies from a point system considering how well you've done. A very enjoyable and good way to deploy JavaScript code. Has anyone else tried it?
  13. Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding PHP and JavaScript. 1) What I would like to know is once I do a SELECT COUNT Query I want to then do a For-Loop to out put the same number of input boxes but with a PHP variable as the value so that JavaScript could pick that value up, Is that possible to be done, I mean can JavaScript/JQuery read PHP variables. They will be Hidden Input boxes as well. PHP 6 MySQL 5.2 HTML5 CSS3 Chrome / IE 8
  14. I need to make an advertising software development kit for users to integrate into their own website. I have a generous PHP & MySQL knowledge, but not so much for Javascript. I would like it to: (a) Connect to the Database ( Select an Ad at random © Not reveal anything about a PHP script (d) Return as a frame an example of what I need is like Google's AdSense program. If you look at an ad, it is in a frame. I need something like this.
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