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Applications Outside Of Web Browser?

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Hello, friends! Please kindly note that today I just bought my seventh amazing Larry Ullman book (Ajax! Yay!) and stumbled across his Adobe AIR book on the Chapters bookstore computer system, which I'm thinking of buying (in order to get the full Ullman collection eventually). I read the publisher and author comments, plus read the amazon reviews, but still do not have a sense of what the book is about.


Moreover, I'm curious as to what it means to have applications run outside of the Web browser. Is this something like the graphics you can get from online greeting cards where the graphics seem to go beyond the outer dimensions of the Web browser?


Please be so kind as to help explain what types of things you can do with Adobe AIR, so that I can make important decisions about which thought-provoking and enjoyable Ullman book to purchase next! Also, do I need to buy an Adobe software package in order to program with Adobe AIR?


Thanks so much, my friends, for any and all advice!! Thanks, Larry, for the tremendous learning curve, which is par excellence!

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Thanks for the continued support! In answer to your question, Adobe AIR is used to create applications that run on the desktop, similar to other applications you install on your computer. The advantage Adobe AIR offers is that the applications you create are cross-platform: they can run on Windows and Mac OS X.


I really like Adobe AIR, but if you don't have the need to create desktop applications, then you wouldn't need that particular book.

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