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Ajax Request Of Server-Side Script

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In script 15.10, login.js, page 487, there's the AJAX request of the server-side script login_ajax_php.


The actual request of the script (line 89-92, $.Ajax(options)) comes after all the tests on the response (line 68, if (respnse == 'CORRECT')...).


I can't understand how the AJAX request knows that it has to call the server-side script login_ajax_php.


To put it in other words:

1) login.php displays the form

2) when you click on the submit button, login.js starts

3) login.js calls login_ajax.php (BUT HOW? WHERE? WHEN?)

4) login_Ajax.php performs the echo

5) login.js reads the response written with the echo, hides the login form and write "You are now ".


Could you please help me?





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So sorry for the delayed reply! This got lost on my end. I hope you've figured this out by now, but if not...


login.js calls login_ajax.php on line 92 of login.js: $.ajax(options);


Let me know if anything is still not clear. Apologies again!

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