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Password.php & Login.php Errors?

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Hi Larry,


I am so happy to get your new book! It is so fantastic I love it so much!!! I downloaded the source code from github. Not only read, but type code myself. However I have some questions. I can view users on view_users.php, edit users by edit_user.php and delete users by delete_user.php, and I am sure I typed the correct password and email. However when changing users' password, the page (password.php) shows "Error! The email address and password do not match those on file". I checked phpMyAdmin and the data exists and I try again and again and sure every input is correct however I still cannot change the password. I thought maybe I typed wrong so I copied the code (phpmysqlvqp-5ed) from github. Copy it to my htdocs (xampp) and Change database information and ensure the path and details are 100% right. I can edit, delete and view users. But unluckily I still get the same errors (password.php) of course I cannot log in (login.php), either (Error! The following error(s) occurred: - The email address and password entered do not match those on file. Please try again.). I am just a beginner so I do not how to solve the problems.


Wish I could get the answer!


Thanks Larry!

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Hey! Thanks so much for the nice words. I really appreciate it! 


As for this problem, if you're using the exact same code then either: A) the password isn't what you think it is, or, B ) there's an issue in the database. I'd start by debugging what's stored in the database. In order to provide more specific tips, I'd need to know the specific script you're running that's having this problem.


Thanks again!

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I too am loving this book; you have such a fine way of explaining the material, not to mention all of the files help!


The Section about changing password / Chapter 9


No matter how many times I try, the password doesn't update, the only message received is "Error! The email address and password do not match those on file."


I registered myself and viewed the new record when the View Users page loads.  


Another troubleshoot, I copied and pasted the password from the record in phpMyAdmin.


I would send you my code, but it is the same code from your download area.


Please advise, I have adopted the book for one of our courses at the college and I don't want to have an entire class of students having the same issue.


Thanks for your attention and guidance!



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Thanks so much for the nice words! I really appreciate it (and I owe you a reply to your email, too; sorry!). 


Did you use the sql.sql file from the book's downloads (the GitHub) repo to create the table? If so, this is probably my fault. That erroneously had the password set to CHAR(40) when it needs to be CHAR(128) for Ch 9. I've since fixed that, but if your table is CHAR(40), it's not storing the full password. (The SQL command in the printed book is correct.) Sincerest apologies if that's the cause of this!

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