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Undefined Index: Description

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Hi Larry,

When I click the 'Sales Items' link on the home page, I get the following error:

Current Sale Items

An error occurred in script '/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/views/list_sales.html' on line 29:
Undefined index: description


    [0] => Array


            [file] => /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/views/list_sales.html



1) Can you tell me why I am getting this error?

2) Can you tell me how to resolve this error?


Thank you





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You're getting this error because the $row variable doesn't have an element indexed at "description". $row comes from the stored procedure, so either there's likely a flaw in your stored procedure definition.

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Hi Larry,

I found the error.  Thanks for your response!


Also Larry, could you possibly answer my foreign key question in my earlier post because I still don't understand your interpretation of how you made the joins between the foreign key and parent table, without explicitly declaring the connection in your sql script.


Thank you!

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