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Sort Grid View By Virtual Attribute

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I must say it is a bit disappointing to see entire "virtual attribute" concept mostly misleading.




I have this inside my 'Users' model:


public $fullname;

{other code here - not really important}

public function search()

 $sort = new CSort();
 $sort->attributes = array('*', 'CONCAT(surname, ", ", forename) AS fullname');
 $sort->defaultOrder = array('fullname' => CSort::SORT_ASC);

$criteria=new CDbCriteria;
 $criteria->select = array('*', 'CONCAT(surname, ", ", forename) AS fullname');
 $criteria->compare('id', $this->id);
$criteria->compare('login', $this->login, true);
 $criteria->compare('surname', $this->surname, true);
 $criteria->compare('forename', $this->forename, true);
 $criteria->compare('email', $this->email, true);
$criteria->compare('CONCAT(surname, ", ", forename)', $this->fullname, true);
$criteria->compare('company_id', $this->company_id);
$criteria->compare('grupa', $this->grupa);
$criteria->compare('active', $this->active);

return new CActiveDataProvider($this, array(
	 'sort' => $sort,


Having this I have a nice working CGridView and Advanced Search pane but for whatever reason "fullname" column is not sortable.


Any idea??? - I feel already exhausted fighting with this all alone...

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Here you are - I made a bug report:




Nevertheless, the workin solution is:


return new CActiveDataProvider($this, array(
	    'sort' => array(
				    'asc'=>'CONCAT(surname, forename) ASC',
				    'desc'=>'CONCAT(surname, forename) DESC',
		    'defaultOrder' => 'fullname ASC',

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I would say that's an acceptable "workaround". I haven't read the documentation for this, but if that solution is stated clearly, I find it both pretty and logical. I tend to think example usage of code lacks from the YII documentation, but maybe that's just me.


Glad you solved it. If it's possible, you should add a guide on virtual attributes in the manual.

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Yes, this way of construction CSort objects is documented but actually I believe the problem is deeper and missing support for virtual attributes within CActiveRecord->hasAttribute() method may in fact affect virtual attributes usage in a more complex way.


Anyway - I have no time to spent on this any more. I am in serious delay already!

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