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Chapter 8 CSS not showing proberly

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My page looks like this.  From comparing with the book i know the links and the header should be moved up, the links to the right corner instead of further down on the page. From the developer tool in 
Chrome it seems that the css is applied correctly. I tried to place the CSS file in the same folder as the HTML page and within a folder, both got applied according to chrome, but both wrongly it would seem. Has anyone had the same problem? I am by no means a CSS wizard so I have no clue what causes it in the css file. 


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Thanks for the quick reply and apologies for not getting back sooner. I had not included the concise.min.css file i tried that now, and It looks better, but im not quite certain the body is meant to be so close to the leftmost edge of the screen. 

For some reason I cant upload a new image to this thread so I made a link to imgur to show how it looks now. I hope it works: 


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Hi Niel,

Try changing your .site-content class selector in your css style sheet from "padding: 50px 0;" to "padding: 50px;".

Your selector defined rules for above and below your element, not the left or right.

for quick and informative tutorials on css visit https://www.htmldog.com/references/css/properties/padding/


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