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I am trying to install it exactly as shown in the book.

Currently am using Xampp on Windows 7.

I even contacted the phpdocumentor support but without success.

Pear is already installed successfully.

All I get is: Is phpdoc in either the path or include_path in your php.ini file?

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Install it using Composer instead. Composer is "the new Pear". Books get outdated and composer is the new de-facto standard for package management in PHP.


Considering your error message, you need to do exactly as the error message says. Add phpdoc to the line "include_path" in your php.ini file. I would instead install composer and download the package from packagist.com thought.


Composer: http://getcomposer.org/

PHPDocumentor: https://packagist.org/packages/phpdocumentor/phpdocumentor

Youtube tutorial:


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