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Hello Larry,

Satisifed “Effortless” customer here. Now I learn that you work with Stripe. Wow!

Stripe seems to have the best API (not to mention brightest upside after the latest $80million round) for a novice like me. My question and concern, however, relates to features that we find useful for our marketplace startup (offered by a Stripe competitor): ACH debits and escrow.

We’d like our customers to be able to pay with their bank/checking account (acct. and routing num.).
As I understand it, Stripe currently does not process this type of payment:


We’d also like our payment platform to be able to hold funds forum our customers until services are completed by our vendors. This helps instill confidence in our customers.

Any chance Stripe can or will offer these services in the very near future?

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Hey Katy. Thanks for the nice words. You're correct that Stripe does not currently support those kinds of payments or an escrow. Although we are constantly working to increase our features, global reach, etc., I can't really offer up anything as to when either might be possible in Stripe. But if you follow us on Twitter:


- https://twitter.com/stripe


Or watch our blog:


- https://stripe.com/blog


You'll see if and when this feature is formally announced.

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