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Hi Larry, congratulations on Ruby Visual Quickstart. I just started getting my feet wet with ruby two weeks ago. I have prior C++ and Java background, though I am not a professional programmer. I have three other popular ruby books, but in my opinion RVQ is the best organized, straightforward, and most suitable for "adult" ruby newbies. I will no doubt have occasional questions in the future. Thanks again.

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Hi Larry and Jay--and all of our other friends on the forum! Jay, I, too, plan on purchasing Larry's Ruby book--as well as his entire collection of books (I'm that impressed with the learning curve with his books)! I've already purchased almost all of his Web programming books (I own six so far--in a matter of about four months since starting to read his books-- with more Ullman purchases up-and-coming), but am wondering about which order to read the C, C++, and Ruby books in. Any advice on the matter? I have no programming background outside of Javascript, PHP, and SQL. Please kindly advise! Thanks very much, friends!

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Thanks for the nice words and for the interest in my books. Although I certainly appreciate the sales, I would start by asking what it is you want to do and learn. C and C++ are really used for different things than Javascript and PHP. Ruby is kind of somewhere in between.

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