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Yii- Version 1 -Cms-Ch22 Installation Composer ?

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Hello Larry,


I read your book twice. Honestly I do not understand very well. 
I have already learned from your books, specially the e-commerce. I like the principle of explanation by example. In Yii, you go well in the way of doing your best and understand the subtle mechanisms of this framework.
So, I yii installs and works correctly.
I followed your chapters and wanted to better understand your example.
Now i would like test your example CMS.
I am unable to launch the application of Cms version of Chapter 22 of your book.
The window is hopelessly empty.
I notice in the index.php :
$compose = dirname (__ FILE __) '/ protected / vendor / autoload.php.';
I do not see a vendor folder in protected'folder and evidently no autoload.php 
I have  my composer.phar in protected folder.


Is the problem here?


Thanks for advice



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Could you confirm if you're using Yii version 1 or Yii version 2? Yii version 2 uses Composer for everything. Yii version 1 only uses Composer for third part extensions. Ch 22 of the book, and that CMS example, was created for Yii version 1. I have not yet updated it for Yii version 2. 

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Hello Larry,


i work with the version 1 to yii as the  version 2 seems to be great. I wait with "impatience" the end of yours version 2's book.


There is no dossier "vendor" and "runtime" in example CMS ch22


I try to work on CH 22 of the book with version 1. 

$app = Yii::createWebApplication($config);

$composer = dirname(__FILE__).'/protected/vendor/autoload.php';


Ok test and i see that in the browser

Error 500
require_once(/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/yiicmsch22/protected/vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Thanks for advice


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Hello Larry,


Yes, i read it and at first i try to install Composer and Elastic but i have a problem with Java' version on my mac.


For Composer it's ok, not for Elastic.


So i thinking that it will be so important.


Now, i understand my problem. i re-read the chap 20.


i try again and hope to win the match…


Ok it's right, Elastic with Composer is installed.


thanks for advice



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