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  1. Creating a Web service with the admin panel using Yii and Backvendor Hi guys! Several days ago I've faced the quite interesting and perspective PHP-extension for the routine work automation called Backvendor. If you also have tried it please give us the feedback. For others I've made the small review and tested the extension. What is the Backvendor? As I've said above the main Backvendor objective is the maximum project automation. It helps much in the initial stages. With a few commands I've made the application architecture containing the web service and admin-panel, quickly
  2. Hello guys I was confused to what Yii::app()->name meant. I know that Yii::app() is calling the static function app() in the YiiBase class, but there is no property name in that same class, can someone explain?
  3. I have been using the Yii Book to create an admin module for a site I didn't create that uses the yii framework. I was able to successfully create the module, apply login functionality to it, and implement Yii booster for extendedgrid functionality with inline editing. I can link the text from a column using the foreign key relation to a different model's view (primary key) and display those results using the TbExtendedGridView. What doesn't seem to work for me is displaying the results according to a different attribute other than the primary key. Link: http://mysites.com/index.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to change the default db connection for a particular controllers actions. I want to switch between two database connection in my action, how do I do it ? I have configured both the database in my main.php file, like: 'db'=>array( 'connectionString' => 'mysql:host=;dbname=mydb', 'emulatePrepare' => true, 'username' => 'root', 'password' => '1111', 'charset' => 'utf8', ), 'db2'=>array( 'class'=>'CDbConnection', 'connectionString' => 'mysql:host=;dbname=mydb', 'emulatePrepare' => true, 'username' => 'root', 'password'
  5. My url is : http://localhost/Pramod/Revite-1/event/view1?var1=a&var2=b and i wanted it to display as: http://localhost/Pramod/Revite-1/event/view1/a/b How can i achieve this using .htaccess file. Plz help.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have implemented the chapter 22 "CREATING A CMS" as exactly as explained in the book. I have done all the setup for elastic search that is: - downloaded elasticsearch and run from terminal - install from composer - take the search controller from github source - added the view files - changed the code of index.php file as instruction I can see the search box in the URL http://localhost/%5BPROJECT_NAME%5D/index.php/search.The probelm is when I search any word i.e. "alice", I am getting error like: {"error":"IndexMissingException[[pages] missing]","status":404} Can
  7. Larry, Do you have any more chapters of the Yii Book? I mean the second edition, revised for Yii 2. I've read -- and mostly understood -- up to page 190, which is the last revised page. If you have more revised chapters, I'd be interested in reading them. No doubt, other readers would too. Can you post any additional chapters on your website and let everyone know? Thanks.
  8. Hello Larry, I read your book twice. Honestly I do not understand very well. I have already learned from your books, specially the e-commerce. I like the principle of explanation by example. In Yii, you go well in the way of doing your best and understand the subtle mechanisms of this framework. So, I yii installs and works correctly. I followed your chapters and wanted to better understand your example. Now i would like test your example CMS. I am unable to launch the application of Cms version of Chapter 22 of your book. The window is hopelessly empty. I notice in the inde
  9. Hi can you give me some reasons to use YII framework?
  10. Hi Larry, Im a very big fan of yours Larry, and I really love your books. I've learned PHP from you than my prof in school when i was still studying. I just want to know larry if you have plans in writing a book in zend? Coz im trying to learn another framework since you have mentioned that it's best to learn atleast 2 frameworks. But unfortunately other books are really hard to understand. Or do you think it's best for me to just focus in Yii alone. Thanks Larry! Jan
  11. I want to render a Model view completely in the CJuiDialog box. in actionIndex() i have pagination only for three records on the page public function actionIndex() { $dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider('Jobs',array( 'pagination'=>array( 'pageSize'=>3, ),)); $this->render('index',array( 'dataProvider'=>$dataProvider, )); } the view of first three records display on the CJuiDialog as apopup. up to this working fine. the problem is when i click on next page of pagination then it renders all view of the next records on the index page with the lis
  12. hello everyone.. i have a form to store values for a model add having rows id name description and one is email to store email for particular entry. Now i want a contact form to send mail for that particular model values... that is to send mail to the owner of particular add.. I able to reuse contact form for that purpose but i fail to fetch saved email id for each add so that any viewer can mail for adds.. How to achive this task?? please help me someone.. let me know the how can i do this?? if any example code will be very useful to me.. Thank you.....
  13. I want to render comment form in the view.php of add controller task is submitting comment for the particular add of things... i created comment model controller and required view files sql schema for comment table is-- CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tbl_comment` ( `cid` INTEGER NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `add_id` INTEGER, `user_id` INTEGER, `user_name` varchar(1000), `description` varchar(2000), `create_time` DATETIME, PRIMARY KEY(`cid`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ; ALTER TABLE `tbl_comment` ADD CONSTRAINT `FK_comment_add` FOREIGN KEY (`add_id`) REFEREN
  14. i have to tables that are link and i want to view contents of a single item when i select it, what is the correct syntax of using $post in yii ie SELECT tbl_emp.emp_id, tbl_emp.sname, tbl_fname, tbl_educ.empl_id FROM tbl_emp, tbl_edu WHERE tbl_emp.emp_id=$_POST['emp_id'] AND tbl_edc.emp_id=$_PSOT['emp_id'];
  15. Hi, I am using this extension to display the google map in my page. And i have a text field that have been adding dynamically. I want to display the text field values in the google map. How to pass the text field values into the google map functionality. view.php <div id="map_section"> <div class="country_travell" style="background-color: #F8F8F8"> <?php foreach($countriesTravelled as $i => $countryTravelled) { $isCloseRequired = ($i==0) ? false : true; $this->renderPartial('_country_travelled', array('countryTravelled'=>
  16. Hi, I got all the way through the tutorial with no problems until the very end. In “EmployeeController.php” I’m trying to get yii to display the relation for department rather than the ID number. I have tried this code in the loadModel method: $model=Employee::model()->with('department')->findByPk((int)$id); I have double checked all of my relations and they all seem to be in order. It’s still showing the ID number rather than the department name. Any ideas? Thanks
  17. Hello, I am working through the tutorial for Yii on the website, and I have setup the Employee and Department models. However, this only addresses if an Employee has 1 department. What would I need to do if I wanted to be able to list multiple departments under the column 'departmentId' separated by commas or pipes, etc?
  18. Hi Larry, I don't know if this is the best place to place such a question, but I'm little confused. There is a framewok out there called Laravel, they talking about it so much, some people even excited about it. Which one is the easiest one to start with ?
  19. Hey guys, I created a controller 'PageController.php' with a default action 'actionShow' like this: public function actionShow( $slug = '' ) { if ( empty( $slug ) ) { $model=Pages::model()->findByAttributes( array( 'slug' => 'accueil' ) ); } else { $model = Pages::model()->find('slug = :slug', array(':slug' => $slug)); if($model===null) { throw new CHttpException(404,'The requested page does not exist.'); } } $this->render('page', array( 'model' => $model, 'slug' => $slug, )); } Then I created a module (and this is where things g
  20. Hi Going through the Yii book, now on the section about 2Hiding the Index File" I aready had several projects in my web folder, so I put the code for the book in a folder called yiibook. So to get the index page, I navigate to http://localhost:90/yiibook/ I updated my htaccess file to RewriteRule ^(.*)$ yiibook/index.php/$1 Which I think is correct. Its not entirely clear to me what should happen. At the moment, if I type in http://localhost:90/yiibook/bob Then it looks like the index page is displayed, and I get a message stating: Error 404 Unable to resolve the request "bob". No
  21. So I'm just starting out with Yii and I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize my project. It's largely focused on being local, so I want to have different sections of the site for different cities. I have a city table in my database and I want to organize my URL as such: www.example.com/city-name. For example, if I want to show Chicago, it would be www.example.com/chicago. Right now I have a City controller and my cities are all attached to numeric id's. So my Chicago city (id = 1) URL reads as www.example.com/city/1. I want to get rid of my city controller name in the URL and use
  22. Hello Larry, I am absolutely enjoying your book so far. It has been very very helpful to my web development skills. I was wondering if you were going to do a topic on deployment. I didn't see it listed in the table of contents so I wasn't sure. Assuming that it is on the agenda, I also assume that it will be discussed later on towards the end of the book. In the meantime, is there another course of action to take if I have to deploy a Yii website now? Another book that you highly recommend or another website or a SME perhaps? Any information you can provide would be very much a
  23. How can I work with a specific Time Zone inside my Application in Yii ?
  24. Barely installed Yii and already ran into trouble. I'm running Windows 7 and use Wamp and MySQL for my database. After installation, I went to the url http://localhost/myproject/index.php?r=gii and selected Model Generator. I've edited both main.php and console.php in C:\wamp\www\myproject\protected\config folder to include the following: 'db'=>array( 'connectionString' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=myproject', 'emulatePrepare' => true, 'username' => 'myproject', 'password' => 'thepassword', 'charset' => 'ut
  25. Hello, i'm a beginner at yii and i was hoping you could help me. i couldnt find a simmilair post so i sorry if i double post. i used : http://www.larryullman.com/2010/01/07/custom-authentication-using-the-yii-framework/ but i have a strange error. when i press the login button on my app. i get this error. include(leraarCode.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory The strange thing is. the model is leraar. but i want leraarCode as username i followed every step. But somehow $model is appointed leraarCode instead of leraar :S And i cant find how it happe
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